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1 or 2 ounce Crushed Hemp Flower Tea. Grown Organic, Right here at New Era Farms. This Delicious Blend of Natural Hemp flowers, terpenes, and acid form Cannabinoids, Including high CBDa. Research is showing elevated CBDa levels, holds most of the Anti-Inflammatory properties that the Cannabis plant has to offer. This is a great way to add phytocannabinoids and plant nutrients into your diet and Wellness routine. Add to your Day time Tea regimen for Immune support, Mental Clarity and a Mood lift. Or Try out our Favorite way to enjoy this Product. Infuse into a Calming Nightly Tea Blend, for better Rest and Relaxation. 

Serving size: 1-2 tsp. Each bag has about 42 servings 

Ingredients: Hemp Flower/Bud, some leaf and some seeds all crushed into a pure hemp tea. 

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