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Treat your furry friend to the nourishment their bodies need to repair, function more efficiently, and to thrive. They will enjoy safe and natural relief from many ailments including: Arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain and inflammation. Supports overall immune function, and can help sick, aging or recovering dogs or cats regain appetite and vitality. Use this tincture to ease your pets anxiety, and help them feel more comfortable and balanced.

Pet Rescue has 700mg of Full-Spectrum CBD. Great for bigger dogs and smaller pets that need a little extra help. We suggest this potency for pets struggling with seizures, chronic ailments, cancer, distress, or simply those getting older and more stiff with age. Dosing suggestions on back of bottle.

Healthy Pet has 350mg of Full-Spectrum CBD. Great for overall health and vitality for small and medium pets. Higher doses can be taken for minor to more severe aches and pain.

Use daily for optimal regulation of your pets endocannabinoid system.

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